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New Radiators Installed While You Wait

Heater CoresComplete Radiator Service
New Radiators Installed While You Wait

In order to provide efficient customer service, we stock a complete line of radiators, condensers and heater cores. In addition, we offer radiator sales & distribution.

Should you replace, recore or repair your radiator?


For a radiator that’s severely corroded or damaged, the only solution is a new radiator. Our radiators give you the assurance of long lasting performance and efficiency. They’re complete new and are designed for your engine and performance needs. Our radiators fit perfectly, install quickly and are backed by a factory warranty.


Some radiator problems can be effectively solved with a new copper/brass or aluminum core.  Recoring can bring your radiator back to efficient operating condition using your tanks, brackets, and transmission oil cooler. Your cooling system professional will help you determine whether recoring is a viable alternative. A new core comes with a limited factory warranty; the reused parts cannot be factory warranted against failure.


Minor radiator problems can often be repaired, although you should be aware that repairing is frequently a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Copper/brass radiators are bonded with solder which can deteriorate and corrode. The newer aluminum radiators are somewhat more durable, but are also more difficult to repair. Plastic tanks on many newer cars present a different set of problems, but in most cases can be replaced.

Before risking failures and costly engine and transmission damage, consult with
R.C. Bratcher, your cooling system professional, who can advise you
of your
replace, recore or repair options.
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